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Weird Al on Gilbert Gottfried’s Podcast

Coming Soon on Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast WEIRD AL YANKOVIC! Check out an exclusive sneak peek here.  You can hear the full podcast on Monday 10/13 on http://www.itunes.com/gilbert



ppl be like “weird al has returned” like he left or s/t

weird al never leaves

he is a constant force in this world

you might not hear about him for a while, a few months, a couple years

but he’s always here, and has never left

he doesn’t return. he rises.

Attention Citizens!


For the first time ever Al might actually get to number 1 on Billboard’s charts! He’s trailing behind Jason Mraz.

What can you do to ensure Al reaches the number one spot? Go and get his album. Spread the news around. Think somebody you know would like Al’s music? Get them an album or encourage them to get the album! Don’t download it illegally either. Yes I’m talking to you Rabbi Silverstein in Brooklyn, NY!! No, go out and purchase it! It’s $9.99 on iTunes and $5.99 on Amazon MP3! What are you waiting for?

Weird Al has never hit number one on the charts and this is his last physical album (he’ll still be making music though don’t you worry!). He’s been around for thirty-one years. Let’s make him get to number one! :)

Thank you for your attention, you may go back to scrolling your dash. 



'Weird Al' Yankovic, 'First World Problems' [VIDEO PREMIERE]


Here it is; the next video! First World Problems which is a style parody of The Pixies. Can I get a heck yeah? Plus two exclusive interviews!

Weird Al’s Reddit AMA


As you might have known, Al did an AMA over on Reddit this morning. Here’s the lowdown. Due to the length of this AMA I put everything behind a ‘readmore’.

My new album MANDATORY FUN just came out today! I’m also releasing 8 music videos over 8 days, and the first two are already out - you can check them out at http://www.weirdal.com.

I’m here at reddit headquarters in NYC. So… whaddaya wanna know??



Wish I could stay longer, but I’ve got to scoot! Thanks so much - this was fun!! Bye! Bye! Goodbye! BYE!!!!

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It’s our tenth anniversary this month, so all throughout July our feature-length documentary, Yankoheit 27, is on sale for a whopping TEN BUCKS!

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You know, if only there was something else Weird Al-related coming out this month that would make a great combo with our movie, or vice versa. After all, Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $35; just sayin’.

This upcoming Wednesday, July 9, will mark our annual Make the Rock Hall “Weird” Tweet-In over on Twitter, and in the next day or two we’ll post an update on what we have planned, so stay tuned!


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